Pot Limit Omaha 8 Strategy

Winning pot limit Omaha eight strategy has many similarities to solid limit Omaha 8 strategy, but also has a few important additions. There are not many pot limit Omaha or pot limit Omaha high low split games spread in land based casinos, but they are available at many of the larger online poker rooms. The reason for this is a very important thing to realize, especially for anyone looking for the most profitable poker situations. The good pot limit Omaha eight players tend to win all of the lesser players money quickly, which tends to make these games hard to keep going. The good news is that when you master winning play, you can often quickly increase your bankroll.

The similarities to solid limit play that you must master are starting hand selection, correct pot odds decisions throughout every hand and studying and understanding your opponents. While pot limit is the same as limit in the player who enters the pot with the best hand will tend to win the most hands over the long run, pot limit is not about winning the most hands, it is about winning the most amount of money. The best pot limit Omaha 8 players not only practice solid starting hand decisions, they also are able to quickly minimize the amount they lose on hands that are not going to turn out as winners.

One of the most interesting facts that you will come to accept if you do the required study and work to win consistently at the pot limit Omaha hi lo tables is that you can have a winning session as far as the money, while not winning half the hands you are involved in. This comes about by winning a few large pots, preferably scooping them, while folding many poor or marginal hands after the flop.

As an example, I have participated in many one to two hour playing sessions where I only won a few hands, but was able to leave the table with more than I sat down with. This brings up another important point. A large part of your success involves the way you view each game of poker you play in. My mindset when playing pot limit Omaha eight is that I plan to take an opponents entire stack. I have no interest in winning the most pots or chasing marginal drawing hands. I want to put myself in a situation where I can win the biggest pot possible. Each of the other players at the table are my targets, and everything I do at the table is designed to reach this goal.

This is what you should try to accomplish as well. The best way to do this is by putting yourself in situations where you have a chance to scoop an entire pot, or where you have one side locked up and your opponent is drawing to the other half, often called free rolling. These are accomplished by playing quality starting hands and understanding your opponents, through study and observation.