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Thanks for visiting Omaha-8.com, your one-stop-shop for information on Omaha/8. Everything from how to play Omaha/8, Omaha/8 strategy, where to play Omaha/8 online to Omaha/8 supplies and finding great rates on your next poker vacation. We've even included a step-by-step guide to setting everything up to play online for the first time. Click on one of the links above or take a look at the site directory below to start learning everything there is to know about Omaha/8.

Omaha/8 offers many advantages over other forms of poker. It is fun to play and easy to learn (though sometimes hard to master). Omaha/8 can be very profitable to a player willing to learn correct play techniques and patience. There is a lot less short-term variance (luck) involved in Omaha/8 than most other forms of poker. With a little practice you will almost always know exactly where you stand in a hand. You will know what cards will help you improve and what cards will hurt your hand. After reading the information on Omaha-8.com and practicing, you should be able to quickly become a profitable Omaha/8 player. Like most forms of poker, starting hand selection is the first step. I recommend starting with the Omaha/8 Rules section and then reading the Omaha/8 Strategy section. If you need a refresher on poker in general, check out the Poker Basics page.

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With the recent explosion in popularity of poker thousands of new players are now playing online. You can find a wide selection of games at any hour of the day. Of course about the only poker game being played on television is No-Limit Texas Holdem, so most players want to learn how to play it. If you want more information about Texas Holdem visit Games and Casino for Poker Strategy and Reviews.