Pot Limit Omaha 8 Multi Table Tournament Strategy

Unlike single table tournaments, pot limit Omaha eight multi table tournaments usually allow players enough time to play closer to correct strategy. Because of this, these tournaments also reward better players more often. So the basic strategy is much the same as solid pot limit Omaha ring game strategy.

Especially early in the tournament, before the blinds become larger in proportion to the average player stack, you should play very tight. Only play your strongest hands and fold anything that doesn’t improve on the flop. Though they may not seem like many chips, any chip you can save early in the tournament may be the one that allows you to win the tournament later. I usually only play hands with scoop potential in the early stages. Strong high only hands and strong high hands with A 2, or maybe A 3 if the Ace is suited.

The idea in the early stages is to only enter the pot when you have a good chance to greatly increase your chip stack. While winning a few small pots is important, it is rarely worth the chips you must risk in order to win them at this stage.

As the tournament progresses into the middle stages, depending on your chip stack, it is usually correct to start playing a few more hands, particularly against smaller chip stacks. This often lets you play quite aggressively and win a few pots without having to show down your hand at the end. By this time you should also have an idea of a few of your opponents playing tendencies. Always watch for chances to use these tendencies against them.

In the middle stages, you need to start thinking about compiling enough chips to put yourself into position to win the tournament. When you are short stacked, you will need to take a few more chances, trying to get all in with your best hands pre flop. On the other hand, when you have a large stack, look for opportunities to use it to your advantage against the smaller stacks. This is much like play in no limit Texas holdem during these rounds.

In the late rounds of pot limit Omaha high low multi table tournaments, it is very important to play your best hands aggressively before the flop. As the tournament progresses, many hands will be won uncontested pre flop.

One other point that needs addressed is the difference between no limit and pot limit. In no limit, you can go all in at any time. In pot limit, you will often have to build a pot in order to get all in or to get one of your opponents all in. This requires a slightly different thought process early in the hand. Recognize this and use it to your advantage.

As in any no limit or pot limit tournament, you must play to 100% of your ability on every hand. One mistake can end your tournament; so don’t let a mistake knock you out. When you get to the point where only bad beats do you in, you will be finishing toward the top of tournaments in no time.